Youth Partnership

Youth Partnership is a peer-support and advocacy group for teens and young adults aged 13 through 21 years old. 

We are a small but powerful force dedicated to the families we serve

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Educational Programs

Join us for our Lunch & Learns providing education on topics related to children's mental health  & family well being. 


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Providing support, education & advocacy for families with children with mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges.

Our warm line phone support is available during normal business hours to help connect you to available community resources.

​Simply call 973-940-3194 to be connected to a Peer Support Partner

improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

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is more important

than your family!

Support Groups ONLINE

We’re online and ready to roll bringing our support groups to you! Join us from the comfort of your own home! 

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Understanding the importance of self care while caring for your family